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back at it again. to clay thompson who had 38 points. the warriors defense led to offense. after the steal, currie hit david lee for the bucket. warriors win 125-94. the average for a ticket tonight at fenway park was around $2,000. cardinals rookie trying to force a game seven, but in the third, shane banged one off the monster with the bases loaded. everybody scores on a triple to make it 3-0 boston. when he strikes out matt carpenter to end the game, it's the third title in ten years and it's the first time since 1918 boston celebrated a championship at fenway. sharks taking on the kings, san jose had a 3-2 lead with under 8 minutes to go. justin williams tied on a power play and the kings win in overtime. bad news there, great news tonight for the golden state warriors who sent a message to the lakers about this division. that's t everybody, let's go back to ken and elizabeth. guys. >> gleet, dennis. you know that last strike and misses, end of the game. first thing that went through my mind, the giants are no longer world series champions. >> there's always next year. ,,,,
earlier, but took advantage of sloppy warrior defense. blake griffin finishes and on the very next visit, he did this three possessions in a row, folks, clippers leading by double digits. rob 1, rolls in on 12. has a one-shot lead after an 8 under 63 at harding. bernard can win the million dollar prize. 49er sack leader, alden smith who is on the roster and will likely play in the first game after the break. he had the five-game absence. left the rehab facility yesterday and activated off the nonfootball injury yesterday. 49ers face the pan theres panthers november 10. that is a safety in a tie game and that is the way it ends in overtime. down goes andy dalton. cincinnati loses to the miami dolphins. that's the signal for safety. >> i'm just praying i get out of here with my life tonight. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ will ] on my right is the new dodge durango. she's got it all. including 25 em-puh-guh's highway. what? em-pe-juh, muhpuhguh? muh-puh-guh's? muh -- em-puh-guh's? em-pee-gee's? 25 em-pe-guh, em-puh-guh's. i'm saying it right, but it just doesn't sound familiar. hm
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2